mostly chronological, prob incomplete

there is lots of lost stuff from 2017-2019, i have proof in the form of bandcamp emails if anyone's curious enough to contact me :O)

edit: you can alternatively find these here now


FireRed & CFIM - Sun Halo / Longing For Anything
3 tracks as CFIM on GTL & Friends - Volume One

CFIM - Hold On Slow Down for Us (prob on slsk)

CFIM - Universal Compositions / Web Browsin / 111111 (prob on slsk)

CFIM - newagecomputing (prob on slsk)


Bryncom - Schnellgeldschnellmüll OMOIDE (prob on slsk, hmu on discord (email me @ if you want zip...)

Bryncom - egg ep (prob on slsk, hmu on discord (email me @ if you want zip...)

Bryncom - i could pick a different life


Bryncom - Surveillance

this was called something else originally--dont remember what tho..

7form reissue
Bryncom - Gatorade Chinook 7form reissue


Integral - Huntington Beach
Integral - Mojave Fluid Oasis
Integral - Denver inter-national airport 0707 (with Void.xml.heaven (miss you))
Integral - Nightsquad
Integral - Ode to Selene Delgado
Integral - Alternate Soundtrack to: Microsoft Windows Space Cadet 3D Pinball
Integral - Web Browsin' 111111

(really a reissue of Universal Compositions / Web Browsin / 111111...)

Integral - Summer Building
Integral - Summer Building Extras
Integral - Resonance Cascade
Integral - Alternate Soundtrack to: Nowhere
Integral - Alternate Soundtrack to: Trailer Town
Mauritanian Corn Flakes - Submergence

Integral - Cartilage (deleted, incorporated into Dubai Money 2)

Integral - Motor Wars 2
Integral - Dubai Money 2
Integral - Shipping Fee / Affordable Living
Integral - 2020


Integral - Lewis $AUDIO
Integral - DTX
Pavan Park - Summer
Integral - Wikimedia SHARP
Integral - Wikimedia Digital Video Disc
Integral - Source
Integral - Lewis $AUDIO Recharged
Pavan Park - Breach pt. 2
Integral - Combat
Integral - Inland Empire
Integral and the Greatness Band - Remarkable Strength (The Apex Learning Environment)
Integral - Semi-Arid
Integral @ Icyfest Blockparty, June 6 2021
Integral - Dubai Money 3
Pavan Park - Last Week
Integral - Exploitation
MétéoMédia - 2007 Google
Geoff Marshall - Visiting All Nottingham Tram Stops
Bink Video - Alternate Soundtrack to: Kane & Lynch 2
S-Maixn Band - Demo
Integral - Cable County
New Energy - 🦪🦨🪐
The Willenial Harbinger - Innovative 7Form Comedy
The Willenial Harbinger - Innovative 7Form Comedy: ✌♬ ŦHέ 𝐒Eq𝔲ε𝓵 💲☜ This shit is so fire bro $9​,​999​,​999​,​999 RARE NFT [ 𝕲𝖔𝖑𝖉 𝕱𝖆𝖗𝖙 𝕰𝖉𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 ] 10​,​000​,​000​,​000 kbps WMA audio file RARE Collect Now Dogecoin 𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙣𝙚𝙭𝙩 𝙡𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙡 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩 Discord
Pavan Park - Digitization in Process
The Willenial Harbinger - The MIB Restoration Movement
MétéoMédia - Sunlight Decoder
MétéoMédia - Crushed
Integral - Supplied Water: Submerged in Oil (Internet Detritus Time Rot)
Integral - Department of Homeland Security "Logo Strike"
Integral - Finding Info
Integral - Saskatoon @ August 2, 2021 23:28:48 (Allah Chat: CODE RED)
DJ PUSSYHACKER - Subaru Jesus: Ghetto Rally Redemption
DJ PUSSYHACKER - Last Performance
Integral and The Tvsjudgejoebrown Band - Semen Nacho 3
Six-Million-Ruble Man - Saskatchewan Based Freestyle Mixtape
Reagal Films - Cellphone Policy
Integral - Oscillating Fan in the Light (cover art by Octa Möbius Sheffner)
Cattail Space Crawl Links - Scene Points Superpermutation Lower Bound
DJ Subjectivized Territory - Neither Quite Greek nor Roman
Integral - Chartmaker Phenomenon
DJ Emotion Burnout - Disposable Mix
The Willenial Harbinger - The Willenial Harbinger: Prophecies
@dubainightsquad - Prolific Profile
The Willenial Harbinger - This Mashup Has Been Banned in Multiple Countries. Listen at Your Own Risk.
Lifestyle on Camera - Anti-Mass Spectrometer
The Most Revolting Hip Hop DJ - The Proton Charging Head
The Willenial Harbinger - Will Smith Gaming
The Willenial Harbinger - Epic Collage+ Demo
The Willenial Harbinger / Integral - Saskatchewan Indie
YaKarim Luigi Bian South32 - SOUTH32-NEWS.MP4
Integral @ 2EROFEST
Celebrity Number Six - Celebrity Number Six
MétéoMédia - Dead Landlord Durational
Pavan Park - The Landlord says... "ARNE ASK FOR A LAWYER"
DJ PUSSYHACKER (Integral) x DJ RITALIN HYPERSTITION (Janis Lago) - Ableton Live 9/11
Our Label Is Run by Homos - No Seriously, All of Us at the Label Are Gay Dudes, This Is Just Our Way of Coming Out
MétéoMédia - This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Roxio Saskatchewan Headquarters - Easy CD and DVD Creator 6
MétéoMédia - Dance Routine
MétéoMédia - generated_Glitch12
MétéoMédia - Credits Sequence
Integral and the Greatness Band - YMCA
Seekonk Warriors RELOADED (with Emnni) - Snowday II
Toxic Death Cult This Content Permission - Doha Drift Demo (thnx spectratio & june) (recorded in vancouver)
Reconstruction Operatives of Transnistria - SportChek EAI
Yokureneta - Here Come the C’s
Swarovskintegral - Abandoned Jewelry Store (cover art by Tubesock)
Integral vs. Jens Jejkal - Epic Collage Battles
Pussy had me scared--I fled to the World islands in Dubai. Inshallah - Epic Teen Truth
Act II popcorn spilled on seats in the cramped theater - The Shit You Hear About Me Might Be True but Then Again It Could Be as Fake as the Bitch Who Told You
I've seen The Money - Ty dollar sign
Integral - i wish you would become dogs smiling (you need to be stopped)
Battery cell composition of Tjmaxx and ROSS store lights - TyDollar. Let me break the rules a little bit, scream my name in the halls and I won't intervene. Bubbling iced tea, cats in the living room These are all messages
Balenciaga Bernkastel Schneider - Balenciaga Bernkastel Schneider
Britta Balance - Reciprocal Retaliation (Brothers in Arms)
Integral - Standing outside in the pouring rain, the sky is beautiful at night with fireworks
Windows Noiz Thurber - Amused by the versatility of general statements
Celebrity Number Six - Discoveries
CPUinflux - The Arrival of Temporality
Integral - Oooil Torture
Integral - Armes biologiques sur le territoire (Croyez en vous)
Integral - CRUSH RUSH
The holy smoker (Deactivating Soon) - images.jpeg
Integral - On the house
Integral - Doha Drift (Dubai Money 4)
Menacingly constructivist on the front porch - For Klasky Csupo, Try 2 s + C "Demo"
Integral - Please never forget our boys (Next stop: frozen pizza india)
will smish.bad boy2 - My Globalist Swag (please excuse me)
Cactus bqaplus - Ordering in all friends and lovers -> Bose QuietComfort 15s
I only grow rice - I will end cornfielder
MétéoMédia - my_playlist​.​m3u8
Category:Hangzhou CBD - guitar and the air exchange & Foy Foods
Refund Québec - timesconsistency


Integral - s + C
Prix pour la musique - L'Université de la Colombie​-​Britannique
House of Commons - December Warfare
Integral - 117

some tracks for

discord skeuomorphism
Integral - Coordinated Universal Time
Integral - Oil Torture (Localized)
My Movie 12_mov w/ Cass Camacho and the Haptic Motion - Tomorrow Night's Show:
Interview_001_sd.m4a I believe in myself - Xerox 2: Go Big or Go Home
houseflies - Threatening to Slap Paul Davidson
Vlone - Vlone
Derivative - Evil Integral
Integral - Arrested at the Form Wax Museum for Illegal Epic Collage
Beromünster - Blosenbergturm2
The Monster at the End of the Book - Making Time for Other People: Things We Do to Stay Safe
Integral - photos​.​google​.​com
Photo Album Timeline Issuer Closing The Lid, Retroactively - SMS The Process Ongoing Resize Case Completed Proactively for Same, Previous, Future #Formulaic
Fabriqué en Alberta - Annihilating You Isn't Enough
New Hampshire EAR Unit - Practical Futurism Cathartic (w/ Masha)
Integral - Forever Association
Integral - Allegorical Synchronicity in Acoustics
Tim Meadows & Lorenzo Holley - Indonesian VCD Trafficking Bust
proliferat - Shotgun Mississippi Warming Up
noiz - To Cuba
noiz - First Week of April
Dominion of Downtown Lights - Semiotics (politics, sometimes attributive)
audry - "MOVIE CRISIS"
noiz - More Stretched by the Curtain