this is the NOIZ / INTEGRAL / BRYNCOM etc discog quick guide -- i realize the size of my discography comes off as...impenetrable to most people so i figured this may be helpful

Lewis $AUDIO
this was made 50% in ableton and 50% in fl studio; sort of a blend between my 2 major eras and fits chronologically right between them too. its sound collage-y stuff. people like gerber a lot and i do too! also this ep is just the logical extension of a dumbass injoke about cryptocurrency

Dubai Money 2
proto-lewis audio. i think i like it more but its also 3 hours long. so pick your poison

Dubai Money 3
mixtape of some fl studio loosies from 2016-2020

Cellphone Policy
FUNCTIONALLY the same as above

Wikimedia SHARP
playboi carti

Gatorade Chinook
playboi cartnite

Dubai Money
if you're like a bull of heaven completionist type of guy and want to complete the quadrology or some shit. noisy hypnagogic pop stuff

Cable County
i was really into paradiso by chino amobi and dormant mirrors / drum by dj yo-yo dieting when i made this. fucked up hiphop

Forever Association
jersey club. if you like what you hear check out steeztheproducer, mg_burto, twerknation28, etc etc etc

Allegorical Synchronicity in Acoustics
mostly free improv, sometimes of the electroacoustic-inclined variety. also a jersey club remix of sometimes by my bloody valentine with a rihanna acapella. just for good measure

First Week of April
RADIO BROADCAST RECORDINGS and some free improv shit but a bit more tonal than allegorical synchronicity in acoustics Oh wow more jersey club too.

Saskatoon @ August 2, 2021 23​​:​​28​​:​​48 (Allah Chat: CODE RED)
lewis audio but more refined

Scene Points Superpermutation Lower Bound
same as above

s + C
"a beautiful collage of mezmerizing trances and soundscapes. clear inspirations from faxada's album Paraa, but with a much more emotionally resonant flavor." idk who the fuck faxada is but yeah what this guy said! ftr i took inspiration from /f and dltzk

Doha Drift (Dubai Money 4)
was originally gonna be over 4 hours but then octa told me to cut it down lol. dubai money 2 but more refined. Svalbard Seed Vault Break Room Microwave is my best track

Indonesian VCD Trafficking Bust
alternate soundtrack to shredderman rules

"post-industrial" stuff also i sing on there but its not very good singing

Sunlight Decoder
down in british columbia (dubai (lethbridge))

luigi bian and all that south32 shit is like, my biggest aesthetical inspiration if you couldnt tell already. heres a release that really drives that point home

i wish you would become dogs smiling (you need to be stopped)
junya watanabe on my wee (me trying to emulate octa's oil torture for ~2 hours)
almost 2 hours long but my best album as of yet imo so yknow. you pick. also its loud as fuck. me and octa did power electronics for one track on it. also this album is secretly gay

Today I Became A Millionaire
well it was originally called that. also secretly gay. also 8 hours long and you people will still fucking listen to it?? ok